• Heights Business, MH Equipment at MATE

    Heights Business, MH Equipment at MATE In April of 2012 in the middle of raising kids, juggling a career and helping with the family farm and ranch, Chasity and Larry Broadbrooks took the plunge and opened MH Equipment and Truck Repair. Read More
  • Thieves Costs Millions of Dollars in Losses; Legislation Needs Changing

    Thieves Costs Millions of Dollars in Losses; Legislation Needs Changing   Brad Griffin, President of the Montana Retail Association, said he was astounded a couple of years ago when one of his members, the manager of one of the largest “box stores” in Billings, told him that they had just suffered, in one month, $800,000 in losses from what is Read More
  • More People Moving Out than In

    More people are moving out of Montana than into the state according to data compiled by United Van Lines. In assessing the data, the Tax Foundation makes the point that there is some correlation between a state’s tax policies and whether people are attracted to the state or leave it. Read More
  • Help Encourage Youth to Business and Entrepreneurship

      It’s the time of year to support worthwhile causes. For those interested in advancing the future of Montana’s economy and of our youth no cause is greater than the Montana High School Business Challenge. Read More
  • Money Magazine: Billings Best Place to Live

    Billings is the best city to live in in Montana, according to an announcement recently by MONEY Magazine.  Read More
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Market Update

  • What’s Waiting? - Proposals in State Legislature

    What’s Waiting? - Proposals in State Legislature Local Option Tax — HB 195 allows local government to impose a local option tax on “luxury goods and luxury services.” It allows for property tax relief (on class 4 property). Among identified “luxury” items are goods normally sold to people in transit, gifts,  prepared food, motor vehicle rental, hotel/motel services, Read More
  • Survey Shows Surprising Results

    One result from a poll of Montana small-business owners might be of help to state legislators pushing for greater state involvement in the teaching of trades and technology in high school, and it comes from a group rightfully suspicious of greater state involvement in anything. As it does every year, Read More
  • Political Practices Decision Comes on Public Funding of Campaign

    On Jan. 28, the Commissioner of Political Practices (CoPP), Jeffrey Mangan, issued a document dismissing the case that the City of Bozeman filed regarding a complaint against the city, claiming city officials used public resources to campaign for a $36.9 million Bozeman Public Safety Center. In an unprecedented way, the Read More
  • North Dakota - Big Oil Means Big Taxes

    When big oil or any other natural resource industry flourishes so do government coffers, as has been demonstrated in North Dakota, where $18 billion in taxes has been collected over the past decade from oil production. Read More
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  • New Flights, Increased Boarding at Logan Field

    Amid the news that Frontier Airlines will start new flights to Denver, there is the end of the year report that enplanements at Billings Logan International Airport increased over six percent in 2018 and United Airlines will expand their direct service between Billings and Chicago this summer. Kevin Ploehn, Director Read More
  • Employers Sought for High School Seniors Job Fair

      A group of local employers are seeking other employers interested in participating in a Job Fair for seniors from high schools throughout Yellowstone County. The focus of the group is to introduce high school seniors to possible career choices and possible opportunities to job shadow or arrange internships. Read More
  • County Welcomes New DES Coordinator

    County Welcomes New DES Coordinator   Yellowstone County’s new Disaster & Emergency Services Coordinator has found his dream job. Kenneth Williams, better known as “KC”, is now on the job in the County’s Public Works Department, replacing the former head of emergency services for all of the county, Brad Shoemaker, who resigned last summer. Read More
  • Business Group Forms New Chamber of Commerce

    Business Group Forms New Chamber of Commerce   A group of local business owners have announced the formation of the Yellowstone Area Chamber of Commerce. The group was formed in response to a growing belief among business owners that common-sense, pro-business solutions are often secondary policy goals of other business organizations, announced Sam Loveridge, who has been Read More
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  • The Civilized Way by Evelyn Pyburn

    The Civilized Way by Evelyn Pyburn


    This is a word in the dictionary.

    It’s not a word commonly used any more, now that people have discovered the availability of legal clubs that can force people to “do the right thing.”

    But persuasion should be more common in a civilized society where coercion is eschewed. Sadly, force seems to be preferred.

    Read More
  • Short Term Rentals Reflect Market Realities


    An article entitled “The Rise of Short Term Rentals” in the most recent issue of Montana Business Quarterly lays forth a classic example of markets at work. It exemplifies a market response to a consumer demand. It even includes the inevitable attempt at intervention by local governments to circumvent the emerging market to protect an established market.

    Read More
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