• $100 Million Solar Farm Proposed

      An estimated $100 million solar energy project to be located near Billings will remain a “go,” no matter what decisions are made by the Montana Public Service Commission, declared its developers, last week. Read More
  • Offering Infrared Services

      A local couple with years of experience in the building industry, and as owners of a home inspection business, are expanding to provide the region around Billings with a unique service. Mike and Billie Lehman have started Montana Infrared Services, Inc. Read More
  • Business Optimism Rises - NFIB

      The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) monthly Index of Small Business Optimism rose 1.6 percent in July to 105.2, a strong performance led by significant gains in hiring activity.“Strong consumer demand is boosting small business optimism,” said NFIB President and CEO Juanita Duggan. “Small business owners are feeling Read More
  • Where do Montanans Get Their News?

      Montanans do tend to live in an echo chamber when it comes to getting their news, according to a survey conducted by the Greater Montana Foundation and reported in the summer issue of the Montana Business Quarterly. Read More
  • Wages Climbing. Business Earnings Slipping?

      About six months ago, the economic outlook for Montana said it was going into 2017 with less momentum, and growth would reflect the rather lack luster of 2016. An update, at mid-year, indicates the prediction is on target. Read More
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Market Update

1 DOW 21,899.89
+196.14 (0.90%)    
2 S&P 2,452.51
+24.14 (0.99%)    
3 NASDAQ 6,297.48
+84.35 (1.36%)    
4 MDU 26.06
+0.24 (0.93%)    
5 SWC 0.00
0.00 (0.00%)    
6 EBMT 17.95
-0.25 (-1.37%)    
7 FIBK 35.30
+0.15 (0.43%)    
8 GBCI 33.25
+0.39 (1.19%)    
  • ...More News from BSED

      Besides developing a business incubator, the joint executive committees of Big Sky Economic Development Authority (EDA) and Big Sky Economic Development Corporation  (EDC) focused on a number of other agenda items in their August meeting, including whether the sister agencies want to donate to Montana State University-Billings fund to Read More
  • Montana Manufacturing Jobs Increase at Double Rate of Nation

      The number of jobs that the manufacturing sector provides in Montana has increased at a rate more than double the national rate, according to a new report commissioned by the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center at Montana State University. Read More
  • EDA/Zoot Pursue Plan For Business Incubator

      Plans to develop a business incubator are being explored in Billings in a joint effort between Big Sky Economic Development (BSED) and Zoot Enterprises. A business incubator is a place where start-up business ventures have an economical and supportive environment in which to get a foothold. Read More
  • Yellowstone County Third in Investments

      Yellowstone County has been ranked third in terms of the county in Montana that gets the most investments. It is exceeded by Gallatin and Missoula Counties, respectively, which demonstrate a higher rate of business growth, number of building permits and receipt of federal funds per capita, according to Smartasset.com. Read More
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  • Free Space for Winning Business Plan

        Rimrock Mall will award free space in an entrepreneurship contest. Have an idea? Need some space for free? Rimrock Mall wants your best ideas for their The Challenge: Battle of the Pop-Up contest. Rimrock Mall is conducting its first ever The Challenge: Battle of the Pop-Up - a contest Read More
  • Community Still Talking About Garth Brooks...

    Three weeks after the weekend of five Garth Brooks concerts, the community of Billings is still pumped about the event, and no less so than county and MetraPark administrators and staff, and the Metra Park Advisory Board. “It was a great coupe for our community and Metra Park,” said President Read More
  • USS Billings to Launch Soon

    A US combat ship currently in the making will soon be christened the USS Billings. The USS Billings is one of nine ships currently being built in the Marinette, Wisconsin shipyard of the Lockheed Martin Corporation. It is scheduled to be christened and launched on July 1, under the sponsorship Read More
  • East Billings Business District Makes Plans for Future

    Plans for a pedestrian bridge to cross Exposition Drive which runs in front of Metra Park, and for a lighting project to improve the livability and safety of the east end of downtown Billings, are among the priorities for the development of the East Billings Urban Renewal District (EBURD). Read More
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  • Taxing the Internet


    From Tax Foundation

    States for years have grappled with how to require online sellers to collect sales taxes. With their tax bases starting to dwindle, policymakers have turned to increasingly aggressive legal interpretations to mandate sales tax collection from out-of-state businesses. Unfortunately, without a simplified congressional solution, remote sellers could face a complex web of state sales tax regulations that create substantial compliance costs.

    Read More
  • Repeal of Coal Royalty Regs


    In reaction to Secretary Ryan Zinke and the Department of Interior repealing the Obama-era coal royalty rules, Shelby DeMars, spokesperson for Count on Coal Montana issued the following statement:

    “The coal royalty regulations put in place by President Obama served no other purpose than to push coal out of America’s energy portfolio. These regulations sought to force coal companies to shoulder a heavier regulatory burden and additional costs which would slow development and cut into the critical revenue that coal generates for our state. Repealing these rules will put coal on a level playing field with other energy producers and ensure that taxpayers continue to derive a fair and significant value from Montana’s coal resources.”

    Read More
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