Moore Information—a Montana-based public opinion research and strategic advice firm headquartered in Missoula reported that it has continued its track record of success in 2018 by leading all three of its Montana clients to victory in their respective races, in addition to assisting dozens of successful candidates and committees across the United States. In fact, over the past 25 years no Republican candidate has won a statewide election in Montana without the polling, messaging, and research provided by Moore Information.

“It is always our goal to be more than just a source of information for our clients,” said Erik Iverson, President and CEO of Moore Information. “We strive to be an active partner in our clients’ success—helping them execute a winning strategy with the best information available to them.”

Moore Information played a role in the success of Congressman Greg Gianforte as he sought re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives and aided in the sound defeat of ballot initiatives I-185 and I-186. 

“There is no polling or research firm that knows and understands the unique voters of Montana like Moore Information,” said Tammy Johnson, Executive Director of the Montana Mining Association, which spearheaded the campaign to defeat I-186.

Dave Galt, the Executive Director of the Stop I-186 campaign also weighed in on the essential nature of Moore Information’s guidance. “Through every step of the campaign I was remarkably impressed with the accuracy of their data, the quality of their messaging, and their flexibility,” noted Galt. “Through late nights and tough decisions, the strategic advice and perspective that Moore Information brought to the table was critical in determining how we allocated resources in the final stretch of the campaign and in our overall success.”

Senator Steve Daines, who has relied on Moore Information for his past election bids, including his successful race for the U.S. Senate, said, “Moore Information is a Montana company and has an extensive understanding of our state’s voters and the issues that matter most to them. The innovative research programs they design help a campaign dig deep into the electorate and develop an effective messaging strategy.” stated Senator Daines.