Debbie Singer has been named as SBA’s 2019 Montana Small Business Champion of the Year. Singer is a Senior Economic Development and Key Accounts Specialist for Northwestern Energy.

Debbie Singer is a tireless advocate for business and is passionate about helping small businesses start and grow in the Billings community.  She is involved on many boards and with a variety groups, all with the underlying desire to make the Billings business environment more robust and sustainable.  Debbie served multiple terms on the board of Big Sky Economic Development, over 15 years beginning in 2003; served on the Downtown Billings Association Board from 2009-2015; and served on the MSU Billings City College National Advisory Board from 2008-2017. 

Debbie was instrumental in starting the Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) program in Montana at the state level and then a strong representation in Billings in the early 2000’s.  She helped guide the early design of the program, sharing the need for services and mentorship to small businesses when they are starting out and when they need additional help during their growth phases. Through her work with BEAR, Debbie played a key role in developing and implementing the statewide Incumbent Training grants, helping businesses attract top talent and train them for their specific business needs. 

Debbie recently joined the State Advisory Council for the Billings SBDC offering her skills at the statewide level as they continue to work with small businesses across Montana.

Debbie has been a valued employee of Northwestern Energy (and previously the Montana Power Company) for almost 40 years.  She has always been involved in customer service and serves as a key economic development professional with the organization since 2002. 

She is an outstanding person of character who cares about her clients, her community, the state of Montana, large and small businesses, and her colleagues. 

Debbie Singer was nominated by Steve Arveschoug, Executive Director at Big Sky Economic Development.