Simply406  announced that it is now the umbrella company to Montana brands Country Pasta and Tipu’s Chai.

Both brands have become household names, not just in their hometown of Polson, Montana, but across the state and beyond. Country Pasta has been a staple in Polson for the past 29 years, and Tipu’s Chai more recently, moving to Polson in January 2011. “While both products have been under the same roof for eight years, formally putting them both under the same organizational umbrella of Simply406 was the right move to strengthen our core values internally and have a more unified organization externally, which we will use to guide the company in the future as we continue to grow,” Amy Kellogg, co-owner with her husband, says of Simply406.

Simply406 eyes further growth beyond Country Pasta and Tipu’s Chai.

This restructuring gives more opportunity for expansion while providing customers with the same authentic, quality products and service people have grown to love. Starting with the people who work for Simply406, the quality is unsurpassed. They put family first and are happy to be able to supply products that support that value. Service is a priority in-house, and loyal customers become as much of the family as their internal team.

Country Pasta, which is made with three fresh ingredients, is distributed in local stores and major retailers throughout the country. If you live close by, you can still pick up fresh pasta weekly from their headquarters. Tipu’s Chai is an authentic recipe handed down by the founder’s grandmother from Gujarat, India. The chai started as a menu item in a Missoula restaurant and became so popular it expanded to coffee houses and retailers across the state, Canada, and some international locations.

To learn more about Simply406 visit Simply406.com.