To help other startup businesses establish a website that looks professional and yet is reasonably priced is the goal of the startup business of Jenna Jones. Jones presented the concept that she has for her business at One Million Cups, a trouble shooting “coffee” held every Wednesday morning specifically to help new businesses get a foothold in our community.

Jones was joined by Sarah Townley, a clinical pharmacist, who is concerned that, for what is something of an epidemic, patients being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes are not being told that the disease is reversible and are in need of learning how to reclaim their health.

What these two entrepreneurs have in common is that they both have been involved in their distinctive fields long enough to identify a problem, the solving of which would benefit many people, and for which they have each developed a solution that they hope is sound enough to build a business upon.

In presenting their business ideas to a group of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and advisors at One Million Cups at Last Chance Cider Mill, 2203 Montana Ave., the two hoped to gather feedback and ideas that could help them along the way to establishing their own business.

 Townley explained that as a clinical pharmacist she does not work in a pharmacy but in a clinic or hospital where it has been her job to evaluate and monitor the medications patients are being given. During her on-the- job experience, she became aware that the number of Type 2 Diabetics is rapidly exploding and very few of them are aware that there may be alternatives to the medicines typically prescribed.

The disease is driven by life style, she said. For many people a change in what they eat and the exercise they get will reverse the disease, to the point of not needing medications or at least far less medication.

She said that she has found it astounding that patients are not often informed of the possibility, nor encouraged to make the changes that could be beneficial. Her business idea is to provide counseling or to become something of a life coach.

“Never in a million years,” she said, “did I ever think I would be an entrepreneur.” What she sought from the group was an opportunity to connect with others attempting to do the same and to also get feedback about her ideas.

She was defensive of doctors and others in the medical community saying that many of them do not know what causes Type 2 Diabetes and often they do not have the time to give patients the one-on- one support needed to change their lifestyles. “I am not trying to convince the medical community they are doing it wrong,” she said, “but I am trying to help people take control of their health and their lives.”

Initial efforts to get established through social media have been thwarted by facebook and Google, both of which will not let her say that Diabetes Type 2 is reversible.

Jones discovered in her ten years building websites for businesses that almost every new startup company wanted the same thing – they want a website as soon as possible, one that makes them look “legit” and is something that they can afford on budgets that are often almost non-existent.

Jones hopes to address that market need through a business she calls “Salt & Sage Web Studios.”

Learning that the initial steps involved in building websites are very much the same, and the things each business needs to provide are much the same, Jones has developed a package of services that provides a choice of “templates” and add-ons, and immediate connections to photographers and copywriters which reduces the time involved in arranging for those things – saving time and hassle for her clients, as well as for herself. The simplified process allows her to offer basic websites at minimal cost in a relatively short period of time.

The fact that the service being provided comes through a collaboration with all the same photographer, videographer, artists and writers, who have become used to working with each other, the process is even more efficient. This team would also be available to take them to the next step when their business reaches that point.

Jones said that she has learned that new entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with all that they have to do at startup, and building a website can be just as overwhelming. Her streamlined service relieves the new business owner of much of that stress.

The audience quizzed about whether what Jones offered would end up with look-alike websites. She assured that that is never a problem because through the art work, designing and photographs they all ended up looking very unique.

She asked the audience about whether they thought she should call her templates, templates. Responses were mixed. Some suggested she call them “designs,” while others thought that keeping with the term “templates,” helped people understand what she was talking about.