Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. has new ownership and new management.

The husband and wife team of investors in downtown Billings, Mike Mathew and Kay Foster, recently purchased Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co., from George Moncure. With the goal of rebuilding and retaining the popular venue, the couple are engaging Sean Lynch to be its new manager.

Sean Lynch and his wife, Ann Kosempa, have established their credentials in knowing how to entertain Billings with the success of their business, Pub Station, which brings a constant string of musicians and artists from around the country to their ever popular night spot at 2502 1st Ave N.

Lynch said that they will be focusing on “making sure to bring the beer back to its former quality.” To do that they are calling upon some of the company’s original brewers to help them out.

“We want to make sure we have the brewers and recipes that they had when they were the leader in the brewing business in Billings.”

They may also experiment with adding a few new brews.

Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co., located at 2123b 1st Ave N, in Billings, was established in 1996 —  the second brewery to emerge on the Billings scene, which is now the state’s leading beer brewing city.

The business is currently closed and will remain closed while the process of obtaining brewers’ licensing unfolds. They expect to open sometime in October, said Lynch. They will also be focused on rebranding the establishment, although not many changes are being planned. Yellowstone Valley Brewing will remain an entertainment venue for local and new artists.

Pub Station was launched in November 2014. It, too, was a collaborative effort between the Mathews and Lynch and Kosempa. Lynch and Kosempa are now full owners of Pub Station which they operate under the umbrella of 11-11 Presents, a company that they established in 2011.