What are the people of Venezuela doing to combat tyranny? Do people in such oppression do anything to push back against socialism? Undoubtedly they do and it is a battle that goes on every day, although its one the US media seldom reports upon. Following is a piece written by one of Venezuela’s citizens who is involved in the push-back there.

By María Oropeza

Lawyer and the youth coordinator of “Vente Venezuela”

which is Maria Corina Machado’s political group.

The majority of this generation has shown up in every place required to challenge the tyranny. I know that we did not choose to live under this socialist yoke, however, every day I wake up admiring more all those who, without fear, take to the streets to move us forward.

I think we have become sentimental, I do not know whether it is imprudent or not, but when it comes to freedom and the country, we do not think twice about putting our lives at risk, if it is necessary, to overcome evil and so that good may triumph.

And after all...How many fellow citizens have been consumed by these twenty years of socialist tyranny!

How much youth has this struggle consumed!

Twenty years have been enough for my generation to recognize the nature of this regime: criminal.

Twenty years have been enough for many mothers to weep for my generation as they see how their children go, either to the morgue or to Maiquetía [infamous prison].

Twenty years have been enough for my generation to spend their birthdays and Christmas behind bars for thinking for themselves.

Twenty years have been enough to realize that there is no other option but to rebel against the oppressor.

Twenty years have been enough to understand that socialism does not work and that it only produces death, misery and hunger.

This time “bearing the chest for Venezuela” must be more than symbolic, it must be a tangible act.

This can not be just another fight for which we commemorate students and fallen heroes. We must also commemorate the memory of those professionals who, under this system, do not find opportunities to fulfill their dreams here; those young people who left the classrooms because it was necessary to work to be able to eat. It is our duty, also, to celebrate those who by plane, bus or walking, have decided to look outside these frontiers to find the most important things: a plate of food or freedom.

This can not be just another a fight. It is time to honor those young people who, without ever knowing freedom and democracy, have committed their soul and life in order to live and enjoy them, not only for themselves, but also for future generations.

This can not be just a fight anymore; our goal is to end a regime that has been able to take away our studies, dreams, opportunities, food, justice and freedom. Today, our only option is to show them that they will never be able to deprive us of the desire to win, to set an example of courage and morality.

Because yes, now more than ever, it is necessary to win and advance!

This is the generation that nobody taught how to overcome a tyranny, but that will transmit to the future how to never again allow an authoritarianism to be installed in any country in our region and the world.

This fight is not just a another fight: it is the final one and we are going to win it.

¡Arriba la libertad!