Dear Editor,

It’s about Big Sky One.  It seems as time goes on the mapping of the proposed project changes, and it needs more money to proceed.  Now they are talking about $578,000. for a lobbyist and design plans–to lobby the state legislature.  No bricks or mortar, just more “PR”.  When they made the first proposal, they had plans.  I guess as they keep changing the concept, the plans aren’t keeping up.

Why do I get the feeling that after all is said and done, the end project, if there is one, will be considerably different from what was first proposed and cost considerably more?

If it is such a great idea, why doesn’t some developer, or group of developers, fund it?  Maybe the group that keeps trying to sell us on this project could fund it. (There are two business concepts involved here: OPM– other people’s money, and funding startups is a highly risky endeavor).

Several years ago when the county commissioners were beginning to expand the fair grounds – eventually leading to the Expo Center and the Montana Pavilion–-there was talk about making the area an all-inclusive property, including a large hotel.  What became of that?

There is now talk about going to Helena to the legislature for funding.  Do the promoters of Big Sky One really think they have the only game in town?  Do they think towns like Bozeman, Great Falls, Missoula and Helena, to name a few, won’t want a piece of the pie for their projects?  If I was a state legislator trying to get important projects done with limited funds, and realize if we fund one we will be asked to fund others, it would be real easy to solve the request for non-essential items by just saying “No!”

So, if I got this right, we, the tax payers are going to have to be concerned not only with Metra Park but also Big Sky One. Also if this all comes to pass, who will determine what events will be at the Metra Park Complex and which ones will be at Big Sky One?  This whole thing is way too complicated for this Ole Boy.

Wallace McLane

Billings, Montana