In communist Russia there was a time that in order to get most jobs – any good job – you had to be a member of the communist party.

As reprehensible as that may seem at first blush here in the US, the fact is we aren’t that far away from having the same kind of requirements. It was recently, reported how not long ago a Christian soccer player turned down an opportunity to play on the US Women’s Soccer Team because in demonstration games she would have been required to wear a “rainbow” uniform in support of “gay pride.” She said that was against her religious beliefs and the invitation was withdrawn.

And after- all, it is widely understood that in Hollywood if you line up on the “wrong” side of the political spectrum, opportunities are considerably less. Wise actors and actresses keep any conservative points of view to themselves.

But it goes even further. Locally public officials are pressured every day to endorse certain policies over others – they are commonly asked to sign on the dotted line that they support such things as “Smart Growth” or “Sustainable Development” – to enhance their community’s chances of getting grants.

And, one of the reasons that global warming advocates can run around claiming that most scientists endorse the idea that there is global warming is that almost all research done in the US – anymore – is funded by the government. Every scientist in this country knows that you must bow to the demands of bureaucratic institutions everywhere if you hope to get your research funded. More than that, your research proposal has a better chance of getting funded, if in some manner – no matter how bizarre – you can point to some aspect of it that might shore up the global warming theories. Scientists also know, that should they disagree with any aspect of politically correct science, if they don’t keep their mouth shut, they are soon without a career.

Most colleges lean left, because they too depend upon much government funding, and if they fail to meet the left-leaning curriculum criteria or other social engineering policies required by government they will not get that funding. It is not a matter of assuring a broad academic curriculum – not at all – because while most colleges require that students take gender issues classes and politically correct scientific studies, there are no requirements to study the US Constitution, or the role of property rights in a free society, or even a requirement to study capitalism in order to have an economics degree. (Does much to explain AOC.) In fact, some years ago an MSU professor wrote a college text book on Capitalism and free markets because there were none being used in any colleges in the nation, excluding a unique few.

So should you think that ours is a country above the kind of discrimination practiced in communist countries, think again. We hover but a few steps away.