Dear Editor,

In the Secretary of State Republican primary, Bowen Greenwood is a great choice.  The person who should NEVER get our vote is perennial candidate and career politician Brad Johnson.

Those who have watched Johnson’s relentless pursuit of political power and prestige, see him for what he is:  ambition on steroids.  But what has he actually accomplished?  As that burger commercial once asked, “where’s the meat?” Having worked with Brad for over five years at the PSC, you take it from me.  There is no meat.  In between a big cowboy hat and a shiny pair of western boots, all you’ll find is an empty suit – satisfied to occupy the office, but utterly unwilling to do the work.

His one-term tenure as SOS was equally empty.  Johnson was remembered for only two accomplishments – both bad. He helped usher in same day voter registration, and he tried to distribute huge bonuses to his buddies during his final days in office. 

On the PSC, Johnson has proven to be a fake conservative, with no understanding of free markets and the freedom philosophy.  When you examine his votes and his influence on other commissioners, you’re forced to conclude that he’s a water-carrier for the utility monopolies, protecting them from competition and handing them risk-free profits at ratepayers’ expense. 

Brad thinks he will skate through the GOP primary because his name is most recognizable on the ballot.  He’s confident people won’t pay attention to his disastrous record in public office.  I think he’s in for a surprise.


Commissioner Roger Koopman, Bozeman