Dear Editor,

Who is Center for Biological Diversity?

In regard to your article, Law Suit Threatens Ranchers, (1) who or what is the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD); (2) In what basement, hole in the wall, in what big city, are they located; and, (3) they must suffer from a major lack of common sense and logic.

Any one with an ounce of common sense would realize a rancher to survive in that region for generations has to be doing something right where land stewardship and maintenance is concerned.

If the CBD wants to do something about the environment they should come up with ways that control free-roaming elk and feral horses. Note, I said feral horses. Based on the coloring of these horses, some were wild but others are the result of people who, after found out what is involved in owning a horse, just turned them out since they wouldn’t or couldn’t sell them. These horses became feral.

Wally McLane, Billings, MT