Dear Editor,

Dr. Al Olszewski is Best Candidate for Governor

We live during perilous times.  I am an emigrant from Communist China. We left a country where the Chinese people would have to endure living in a soul-destroying tyranny created by their government.  America is now the last bastion of freedom on this planet.  How we protect our freedoms and liberties here will affect the rest of the world.

The CSKT Water Compact is likely the worst piece of legislation passed by the Montana Legislature.  It unconstitutionally transfers Montana water rights to a third party without just compensation.  This compact sets a dangerous precedence for a communist-style takeover of our natural resources and property by the feds through the Indian tribes. This compact also sets a dangerous precedence for the serious breach of state sovereignty and the taking of personal property.

Dr. Al Olszewski is the only candidate for governor opposing this terrible compact and agenda. The other candidates that he is running against, Fox and Gianforte, are establishment candidates willing to go along with the Globalist agendas. In fact, Attorney General Tim Fox used the public resources of his office to push and promote this unjust legislation in the 2015 Montana Legislature. 

Please vote for the only gubernatorial candidate who will defend without compromise, our water and property rights, and therefore our freedoms.  Please vote for the only gubernatorial candidate who can be trusted to uphold his oath to keep our state and country free from tyranny and centralized control.  Please vote for Dr. Al Olszewski for Governor. 

Mae W. Woo DDS

Billings, MT