Yellowstone County ranked among the highest of Montana counties in terms of local investment, according to SmartAsset.

Investment in local economic expansion can produce significant improvements in quality of life for communities. To help educate residents about these positive signs in their areas, financial technology company SmartAsset released a study on the counties receiving the greatest amount of investment in their local economies.

Yellowstone County ranked among the top places in Montana due to a strong showing in each of the factors considered including business growth, GDP growth, new building permits and federal funding. Ranking in first place was Gallatin County, and in second place, Missoula.

Gallatin County’s incoming investment index score in the study was 71.92; Missoula’s was 52.51; and Yellowstone index score was 48.38.

In Business Growth Gallatin County stands at 9.8 percent, Missoula 5 percent, and Yellowstone is at 1.7 percent.

In terms of gross domestic product Yellowstone County exceeds the production of any other counties at $207 million, with Gallatin at $201 million and Missoula at $162 million.


While Yellowstone County produces more, Gallatin and Missoula Counties gain more in federal largess on a per capita basis. Missoula gets the most at $1,071 per capita; Gallatin $652 per capita and Yellowstone $264.

Gallatin greatly exceeds all in the number of building permits with 32.6 building permits per 1000 homes. Missoula issued 18 permits per 1000 homes and Billing 17.1 permits per 1000 homes.