Southeastern Montana Development (SEMDC) announced last week that eight grant applications have recently been awarded into the SEMDC service region. 

“These funding opportunities resulted in $1,357,500 being awarded to much needed projects in Southeastern Montana” noted Jim Atchison, Executive Director of SEMDC.  “Some of the eight grant applications were submitted over one year ago, so it’s exciting to see that the seeds we planted a long time ago are now being harvested for these communities and Coal Country.”

Some of the projects that benefited from these awards were the 1) Ashland Public School - $943,000 from the MT CDBG Program and the MT Coal Board; 2) Colstrip Medical Center - $55,000 from the MT Coal Board; 3) SEMDC Revolving Loan Fund - $250,000 from the federal EDA; 4) Colstrip Marketing Plan - $50,000 from both the EDA / MT Department of Commerce; and 5) Colstrip Energy Park - $50,000 from both the EDA / MT Department of Commerce. 

Julie Emmons, SEMDC Community Services Director stated, “It is a pleasure to work on such deserving projects in southeastern Montana.”  She also thanked the Montana Coal Board, Montana Department of Commerce (CDBG Program), the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA), and the federal USDA-RD”. 

More details will be available soon as the projects evolve into assistance for Coal County.

SEMDC is a regional non-profit economic development group established in 1997 to encourage economic activity in the four counties of Custer, Powder River, Rosebud and Treasure.  SEMDC works with the private, public and non-profit sectors to help create and retain jobs in these counties.