One that just needs to be fleshed out to make a great business venture?

Well, bring it on.

Present your idea at “Start Up Weekend,” an event aimed at kick-starting entrepreneurship. It’s being held November 1-3, at Montana State University-Billings at the Glacier Room, which is next to Petro Theater.

The event is one held at different places across the country every weekend.

Overall success of the program has resulted in 20 percent of the ideas that have been pursued during

such events have resulted in actual

companies being started, according to Kevin Scharfe, program manager for Rock 31, an entrepreneurship program, under the auspices of Big Sky Economic Development.

Everyone is welcome to pitch an idea, beginning Friday at 6:30 pm, — an idea that they think would make a good product or business venture. Then the group will select what they believe to be the most feasible ideas, and teams are formed from among those gathered  – total strangers to each other, for the most part. Each team will spend the next 54 hours figuring out how to launch their start up. They will be challenged with doing research, identifying the need or potential customers, developing prototypes, determining financing, writing business plans, marketing, etc.

On Sunday evening each team will present their work to a panel of judges who will critique their efforts and select a winning team.

The public is encouraged to attend the final presentations.