Letter to the Editor - Bartel

Rosendale will protect our property rights

Dear Editor,

In Montana, we know that private property ownership is critical not only to our economic security, but is also one of our most fundamental and basic constitutional rights. Unfortunately, all too often the government infringes on the rights of individual Montana landowners in order to push the political agendas of those at the helm of government. 

As a member of the State Land Board, and in his time in the legislature Matt Rosendale has fought back against government bureaucrats and environmental extremists who’re attempting to chip away at our private property rights.

Matt understands that property rights touch nearly every aspect of our life, and that freedom from draconian restrictions on our property use is critical to the agriculture industry, the energy industry, and so many others.

For Matt, this issue is personal. He’s seen firsthand the drastic impact that regulations can have on a property owners’ land value and ability to use their property as they deem fit. That’s why he’s forcefully opposed government landgrabs and has fought to roll back burdensome regulations on land use. 

Bottom line, Matt will fight to defend our property rights and protect the interests of Montana’s farmers, ranchers, and landowners across our state. I’d urge you to join me in voting for Matt Rosendale for US Congress in the June 2nd Primary election.

Rep. Dan Bartel, Lewistown

House District 29