I trust Rosendale to lead our recovery

Dear Editor,

Since the very beginning, Matt Rosendale has been on the forefront of battling the coronavirus. Before it even arrived in the Treasure State, Matt began developing a plan.

That’s why when we first started to see economic uncertainty, Matt immediately undertook efforts to educate and warn the public, especially our seniors, about the scam attempts and bad actors that would try to take advantage of them in this time of crisis.

Matt sat down with Montana’s health insurers to make sure that anyone who needed to get tested would be able to do so and even secured an agreement to waive all associated copays and deductibles. He also worked to ensure that Montanans were able to maintain continuity of coverage, regardless of employment status.

At a time when Montanans are struggling to make ends meet, Matt was able to work with insurance companies to refund over $20 million to over 500,000 Montanans.

Now that we have begun to slowly return to our ‘new normal’, our focus must be facilitating a swift economic recovery that gets Montanans back to work. Matt’s agenda of lowering taxes and removing barriers to job creation will reignite our economy and get Montana back on track.

Matt Rosendale has been a leader throughout this crisis, and he is the candidate for Congress that I trust to lead our economic recovery. That’s why I am proud to endorse Matt Rosendale for U.S. Congress, I ask that all Montanans join me in voting for Matt Rosendale in the June 2nd primary.

 Greg Hertz

Montana Speaker of the House

Polson, MT